Port Supply Co. Support

If you are having problems setting up an account, please email the Port Supply Co., not the Merchant, at help@theportsupply.com

If you are having technical difficulties with the App please contact technical support by emailing us at: techsupport@theportsupply.com

For any food or product support, please reach directly out to the Merchant via chat or by calling them directly. 


We know new sites and Apps can be a challenge at first and we're here to help you. Below are some pointers:


1. The Apps are very user friendly. You can find the Android App in the Google Play store by clicking here or on the Google Play logo on the bottom of our page. The iOS App for iPhone can be found by clicking here or on the Apple App store logo. You can also search "The Port Supply" in either store. 


2. You can also access the Port Supply Co. at www.theportsupply.com through your web browser. Your user experience will be a bit different than the app.


3. On a web browser, begin by entering your location address in the address box, then log in as a new user.  Be sure to enter your credit card information in your profile before trying to check out. The Port Supply Co. honors all types of credit cards.


4. Are Merchant's not showing up on your App? Please check your location. Most Merchants have set up a serving radius. If your phone thinks you are outside of that serving radius it will not show you available merchants.


5. Should menu items not load, try refreshing your browser or close it and re-open it.


6. Whatever username and password you create on the web or in the App will be the same no matter where you login.


7. When you enter a merchant store in the App and want to place an order, please click on the "Order Online" button on the bottom of the page.


8. Select the items that you would like to order form the merchant menu by clicking on the "Add +" button.


9. You then have the option to make any add-on or motification selections to the item (if offered).


10. Click "Checkout" on the bottom of the page


11. If you are pre-ordering for pick-up or delivery, please select a date and time slot in the Schedule Order section. If the time you want is not available, please select another time.


12. Once you have selected your pick-up time you will see "Proceed to Pay" at the bottom of the page.


13. You will be directed to your Bill Summary. Please double check your order and choose your payment method.


14. Electronically sign the tab by swiping the "Pay" button from left to right.


Should you need further assistance, we are here for you! Please email us with your phone number and someone from The Port Supply Co. will reach out.

Thank you for your interest in the Port Supply Co. and for helping local businesses!


Be Well,

The Port Supply Co. Tech Support team